Our bespoke Goals programmes are in schools across London, Luton and Lincolnshire. They are inspiring and helping students make positive changes to their lives. Our 3 programmes can be tailored to your schools needs and run for 8 weeks. 

Sessions are 1 hour long; 30 minutes in class working on TPC Goals work booklets, mentoring and role plays, 30 minutes playing football with learning challenges linked to the classroom topics.

  1. Football Behaviour Programme is a an early intervention programme to help students who have behavioural issues. We aim to help disengaged students become more engaged and motivated during school and outside of school. This programme promotes choosing to change, responsibility and growth, smarter decision making, coping strategies, role plays to deal with school situations and mental health.

  2. Social Skills Football Programme is aimed for students who struggle with social interaction and communication skills. They will learn to speak in an appropriate manner, to listen and recap, to identify facial expressions and body language, empathy towards others and practice school scenarios through role play. This programme is ideal for students who are transitioning from primary school to high school. We have found this has benefitted ESL students and those who seem to get into trouble during unstructured times due to a breakdown in communication with other students (break times and lunchtimes).

  3. Young Leaders Academy is a leadership programme for students with an interest in football coaching. This programme builds confidence, teaches students to plan, organise and deliver football sessions in line with the award winning ‘TPC Way’. After 8 weeks young leaders will deliver a session to either a local infant/primary school or a lower year group in the school. Students who have graduated from the Behaviour and Social Skills programme have made the transitions into young leaders in their school.

We would love to meet with your school to discuss these programmes in more depth. To arrange a meeting simply email: trishanpatelcoaching@outlook.com

If you are a school or provision in the Lincolnshire area please email Kiran: KiranTPC@outlook.com