My coaching clients range from senior leaders and aspiring senior leaders in schools to sports leaders in the sports sector. Often they lack the self belief and management skills required to fulfil potential leadership roles and I can draw upon my extensive experiences to mentor them, identify their anxieties and formulate a tailored strategy to become well rounded leaders in thier environment.

My role is to quickly build an understanding of their needs but also to give them the self belief and confidence to simply start on the journey to becoming their best self. Throughout my career I have been faced with challenges and obstacles and I have always adopted a 'find a way' approach. Solving your own problems, self reflecting, having a clear plan and executing them are a big part of the coaching programme. My clients’ are encoraged to be open to new ideas, be totally commited to evolving as a leader and have a open communication relationship with myself.

Contact me for a preliminary discussion or invite me in for a tea and a chat. I simply love helping people. That is my purpose in life.  

Trishan: call 07944162858 or email

'Using my life experiences to help others evolve'

Director Trishan Patel with the Luton Community ‘Sporting Achievement’ Award

Director Trishan Patel with the Luton Community ‘Sporting Achievement’ Award