My name is Liam Irons and I represent England and Great Britain in cp 7 a side football. I've represented both sides in there best ever finishes both in the Paralympic Games in rio [5th] and in the World Championships in Argentina [4th]
I worked with Trishan in the build up to Argentina and found the work he done with me helped me immensely.
He tailored the sessions to suit the sport and my game and worked on exactly the things I wanted to improve on
I found throughout the sessions I didn't just find a great coach , I found a great friend and can't wait to work with him in the new year for the Euros in Holland.

Liam Irons - Paralympic footballer for England and Great Britain

Another great training session with Trishan Patel Coaching today Aarman learning lots and really enjoying it.

Ritz Chauhan

Trishan Patel Coaching today.... Fresh air and training done ⚽️⚽️ I can feel myself getting fitter! Top sesh yet again. Thank you bro ⚽️⚽️

Paks Patel

We have been going to mini kickers class since Dhruv was 2 1/2 and joined in summer last year
We were a bit apprehensive to begin with, as the other children were older, but Trishan really engages with him making sure he was ok. We have seen Dhruv’s confidence grow as we booked further blocks. His listening skills and ability to take instruction has really improved. More recently his skills with the ball has improved. His favourite game is “what’s the time mr wolf” and “cowboys and Indians”. Trishan has done a fantastic job with gaining the trust of these toddlers and making the sessions engaging and more importantly fun for both children and parents

Krishna & Dhiren - Dhruv's parents

Since Jake has been coming to Mini Kickers with Trishan his self confidence has grown immensely and his social skills have improved greatly . Trishan is a great coach and is amazing with the children .

Gemma Davies Oliver - Jake's Mum

My son was at the first free trial of mini Kickers, we were outside, in a field and the kids loved it. Trishan ensures there is enjoyment, fun and development for each child at every session. Trishan has a modern child friendly approach to the mini Kickers that combines development and enjoyment for all the little ones. I thoroughly recommend his teaching and the kids love the stickers and chocolate at the end of every session!!

Vicky Johnson - Theodore's Mum

Since I moved to Cambridge Utd and turned professional I was looking for a one to one football coach to do extra training. Trishan's reputation amongst the football circuit is a very high respectable one. He has been amazing for my confidence and has improved different areas of my game. I will be continuing to work with Trishan throughout the season to keep sharp and to keep improving. Thanks Trish!

Jevani Brown - Cambridge United FC

Trishan has kept me motivated at a time where I felt disillusioned with playing. I had recently been released by Premier League club Leicester City and I was given Trishan's details by someone who had sessions with him. I can honestly say Trishan has brought back my enjoyment and spark to my game. I am now playing at Whitehawk United and playing with a smile on my face. The sessions are challenging and have really pushed me out of my comfort zones which is what I needed. A great coach but also a really humble guy. Thanks Trish keep up the good work!

Michael Cain - Whitehawk Utd FC

I am training to be a firefighter and the testing is gruelling. Trishan created a specifc programme for me and has helped me obtain a provisional place! I have worked with him for over 5 months now and I would go as far as saying he has changed my lifestyle and way of thinking. I am healthier and have more energy thanks to his football fitness sessions. Each session is always different and he makes it fun. He disguises the fitness work with lots of touches and challenges with the ball. I have recommended Trish to friends and family and what stands out is that he always makes time to discuss ways to improve. Thank you so much for helping me closer to achieving my dream job!

Rosie Phillips - Luton

I love watching your videos on Instagram! I want to be a coach like you when I am older. Thank you for training me.

Siddarth Hunjan - Age 11

We love the women only football fitness classes! Trishan has created such a great atmosphere at the classes and we really look forward to working out in a football way, listening to some tunes and socialising with the other girls. We really hope the classes continue as its the only time we can exercise on a Thursday. Our children are so shocked that their Mums' play football haha. Keep it up Trishan! x

Sophie and Lisa - Busy parents!

As a head of PE and football coach myself I am really keen for my children to be as active and involved in sport as possible. Trishan very quickly develops an excellent rapport with the children and has clarity in his instructions, which is so important whilst they are so young. My little girl absolutely loves her sessions and is always excited for the next one. I would wholeheartedly recommend Trishan’s sessions to other parents.

Mark Tyler - Head of PE, Icknield High School, Luton

I found Trishan through a friend that was using his Mini Kickers sessions on Facebook, at the time i was looking to get fitter for a new job. I then contacted him and enquired- he was very easy to talk to- when I told him what it was for he offered me a one to one session tailored to my needs.

I was very apprehensive about my first session as I had never done any personal training before but he put me completely at ease from the first session! I've been doing it for a couple of months now and he's improved my fitness level to a high standard and the best part is it hasn't felt like I'm turning up to run solid for an hour to get fitter, if anything every session is different! He has different activities/competitions that he uses with footballs to disguise the fact your running so much! And I find these very enjoyable- especially as I'm a competitive so trying to get a better score/time is something that helps push you!

He's also advised me on dietary plans to help! Overall his positive mental attitude and whole approach to the sessions and 'your journey' makes you want to return and I would fully recommend anyone to try him not matter what level of fitness you are!

Keighley Percy - Luton

My son Alfie has been going to Trishan's mini kickers sessions for a few months and loves them. Trishan is brilliant with the kids, he is calm, patient, explains each game clearly and makes each week fun for them & he gets the parents involved too. It's great to see his passion to help the children develop their social interaction skills whilst playing fun football games

David Finan - Alfie's Dad

Trishan is more than just a football coach, he installs great morales and work ethics throughout his sessions which teach the children valuable life lessons. Trish has excellent communication skills and a real way of building trust and rapport! Lui always ask about Trishan not just his football sessions but in general which shows the positive influence he has on him!

Chris Mapp - Lui's Dad

I will highly recommend Trishan because he engages really well with the children in sessions. He has a strong passion in helping children progress in a positive way. This passion has made the training sessions worthwhile. My son has enjoyed every session because he felt Trishan always addressed any concerns he had, made him feel valued and guided him to always do better.

Trishan worked on all the attributes needed to become a good player and also, the importance of having positive influence on the team as a whole. He worked on improving skills , stamina, confidence, positive thinking and most important of all to believe in their capability. My son has benefitted immensely from the sessions because of the encouragement and reiteration of making him feel counts.

Joyce Crossfield - Tyrese's Mum

I have an 8 year old child who was very shy. I've been trying since he was 5 years old to get involved in football but whenever I took him to training he would shy away. Finally I took him to Trishan as a last resort.
What Trishan done with him was a miracle, in his first session he completely transformed him. He enjoyed his training with Trish so much that he was looking forward to every training. My son has now joined a football team and training with them regularly. I am very grateful to Trish for what his done for my son. His training method is modern and really fun and children will love training with him. I will highly recommend him. He is someone that will improve someone's skills, technique and mentality.

Shah Choudhury - Talha's Dad