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Kick Darts

Kick Darts is the latest sport to go viral where football and darts are linked together. The aim of the game of Kick Darts is playing the same rules as a dart game but instead of throwing a dart, you kick a football at a giant velcro inflatable soccer dart-board. The activity has become a great, fun game and is taking off across the UK. The game, which involves projectiles shaped as footballs that are created in a vibrant colour to ensure that you are able to see exactly where the ball hits, is becoming an increasingly popular hobby.

If you require any information on hiring this inflatable football dart board to play footdarts, please use contact details to get in touch. Perfect for school fetes, birthday parties, weddings, bbq and business events.


For all enquiries and bookings, please contact Trishan on:

T +44 (0)7944 162 858