Mini Kickers (3-5 Year Olds)

Targeting children aged between 3-5 years. The main focus is for players to learn the basic skills and rules of the game with a strong emphasis on agility, balance, co-ordination, speed, colour and number recognition. Boosting self-esteem and social interaction. We have a proven record in delivering this programme with great success and really believe in the nurturing and growth of my Mini Kickers.  Each Mini Kicker is rewarded with a sticker and sweet at the end of each session. Our sessions work within the PE National Curriculum and FA DNA Blueprint .

Junior Kickers
(6-8 Year Olds)

These sessions are designed for children aged between 6-8 years old. The main focus is for players to learn the fundamental football skills & techniques, building self confidence and social skills. A fun environment and football experience, ideal for players not apart of a team. Our sessions work within the PE National Curriculum and FA DNA Blueprint .

GOALS Programmes

Our Goals programmes are helping to inspire and help make positive changes to young students lives. Our 3 bespoke programmes cater to all students in your school setting. 8 week programmes tailored to your student needs.

1.Football Behaviour Programme is a combination of classroom, mentoring and football to help change attitudes and behaviours. (90 minute lesson)

2. Social Skills Football Programme is aimed for students who struggle with socialisation and interacting. Structure the same as above. Ideal for transitional students from the early years and also to ESL students.

3. Young Leaders Academy is a leadership programme for students with an interest in sports coaching. This programme builds confidence, teaches students to plan, organise and deliver sports sessions, After 8 weeks they will deliver a session to a local infant or primary school.


One-to-One Sessions

A personalised one hour session that gives players the opportunity to improve their technique, skills, fundamental movement patterns and knowledge of the game. These sessions are designed to improve technique, build confidence, raise self-esteem and give players a fun football experience. For young players, Parents have used me to mentor their children who are gifted and talented. On the other end of the spectrum, I’ve also worked closely with players who have no experience whatsoever of playing football, players with behavioural difficulties and also players with SEN. Parents and I work together to devise a specialised programme to meet learning needs and objectives.

I have players of all ages who range between beginners, playing semi-professional football, within academies, pre-academy and centre of excellence. All are using Trishan Patel Coaching to take their game to the next level. With the higher level players I do strength and conditioning work, fitness and work on the technical, tactical and psychological element of the game.

Small Group Sessions

These sessions are run in a similar way to One-to-One’s and are ideal for siblings who are new to the game or groups of family and friends who wish to train and learn together. These sessions have proved very popular and players love playing small sided 1 vs 1, 2 vs 2, 2 vs 1 games as well as working on the technical elements of their game. I can book groups of 2,4,6,8 or 10. Grassroot teams have booked separate sessions for me to work with their; defenders, midfielders or attackers. I work on unit cohesion, communication and specific roles and responsibilities for each position within the unit.

Team Coaching

A 6 week training programme will be designed after consulting with the team coach in order to meet the needs of all players. I will use an array of creative coaching techniques and tools to support the learning of the players. Part of the package includes mentoring the coaches,assistants and volunteers so that they have high quality fundamental coaching techniques and resources.

Goalkeeper Coaching

A tailor-made programme focusing on the fundamental goalkeeping skills. Lead by our specialist goalkeeping coach Mark Blower. Mark is a qualified level 1 goalkeeping coach with plenty of experience at academy and grassroots level. Goalkeeper's are vital to any team and here at Trishan Patel Coaching we take the role very seriously - our dedicated sessions focus on (ABCS) Agility, Balance, Co-ordination, Speed. 

Coach and Player Mentoring

I offer mentoring programmes where the aim is to aid the development of coaches in their planning, structure and delivery of sessions. I have experience of coaching abroad in USA and Hungary, at professional clubs (League 1 and Premier League clubs) as well as within grass roots football. These experiences, combined with my passion for self-development has enabled me become a coach mentor.

I have extensive experience working as a mentor at a behavioural unit. I am able to build strong, trusting working relationships with pupils where we combine sport activities with classroom work in order to build, confidence, self-esteem, focus and general good behaviours.

Adult One-to-One Football Fitness

I am offering a very unique way to improve player fitness, health and well-being. I can provide fun, inclusive and motivational football sessions which centre on fitness and health. Football Fitness is made up of lots of ball contact mixed with skill, competition, running and great music!. I use a wide range of equipment like hurdles, boxing gloves, skipping ropes, ladders, agility resistance bands etc. This has been very popular in amongst adults and grass root teams.

Women's Only Football Fitness

A Women's Only Football Fitness session which is centred around a football-based circuit session, alongside small-sided games. This class is designed to improve general fitness and to improve basic football skills.  I use a wide range of equipment like hurdles, boxing gloves, skipping ropes, ladders, agility resistance bands etc. This has been very popular in amongst adults and grass root teams.


For all enquiries, please contact Trishan on:

T +44 (0)7944 162 858